SMALL Groups

Small groups are an essential part of our church. In addition to our Sunday worship services, small groups provide a space for us to connect with Jesus in a deeper way. Meaningful fellowship and support for one another can also take place. So, we encourage you to lean into this opportunity to grow in your relationship with Jesus and others! 

Our 10-week fall session will take place from Sunday, September 10th - Saturday, November 18th. We're so excited! 

Please see the small group information below. To sign up, click on the leader's name. This will allow you to send an email to them and sign up for their group. (Even if you just have a question or want to try out the group, email the leader and they'll get back to you as soon as they are able.)

If you have general questions about small groups, please reach out to Small Group Coordinator, Annie Wilson


    We'd love to have you join us! In this group, we'll discover our STRENGTHS. This includes personal reflections on: (S)tory, (T)raining, (R)esilience, (E)thic, I(N)terest, (G)iftMix, (T)raits, (H)eart & (S)pace. Please sign up so we know to expect you. Commitment for the entire 10 weeks is encouraged. Snacks will be provided.  

    For: Students (6th - 12th grade) 

    Location: SSV (Room 105)
    Contact: Yvette Mayo


    Join us! We'll discuss different belief systems we may encounter when doing life with others. This 10-week session will focus on Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox faiths.

    For: Co-ed

    Location: Zoom
    Contact: Stephen Boyle


    Join us as we learn what it means to be a disciple and make disciples of others in a natural way. All are welcome! 

    For: Co-ed

    Location: Zoom
    Contact: Ramon Mayo

  • TUESDAYS AT 6AM :: diane hackworth

    Join us as we walk through the Bible! We'll discuss deep and thought-provoking conversations such as:

    How can I enhance my personal Bible study time?

    How am I applying the Bible to my life?

    How can I more effectively share my faith with others?

    For: Ladies

    Location: Zoom
    Contact: Diane Hackworth

  • tuesdays at 7pm :: geno olison

    We'd love to have you join us! We'll discuss the previous Sunday's sermon, focus on worship, and make space for prayer. All are welcome! 

    For: Co-ed

    Location: SSV (Office suite)
    Contact: Geno Olison

  • tuesdays at 7pm :: shante roberson

    & nykia scott

    Join us as we walk through the book Abide by Jen Wilkin! This book is a study of 1, 2 & 3 John, which helps readers hold fast the truth of God's Word and let go of doubts. 

    For: Ladies

    Location: Zoom
    Contact: Shante Roberson or Nykia Scott


    Join us in a casual atmosphere where we will dive deeper into the previous Sunday's sermon. Hope to see you there! 

    For: Men

    Location: Maldonado Home
    Contact: David Jacob Maldonado


    Join us as we discuss and engage Learn How to Read the Bible by The Bible Project. This group will help you read the Bible with a better understanding of contextual reading and what God is saying to you today. All are welcome!

    For: Co-ed

    Location: SSV (Room 105)
    Contact: Jordan Arseneau or Steve Blom

  • thursdays at 7pm :: cassandra pharrow

    Join us as we work through the book Taste and See by Margaret Feinberg, which delves into the herbs and spices found in the Bible. The group will talk about their uses, share recipes, and bring in goods made with them. We'll also see and experience how God meets us at the table. Hope to see you there! 

    For: Ladies

    Location: SSV (Auditorium loft)
    Contact: Cassandra Pharrow

  • thursdays at 7pm :: mark roberson

    Join us for a spiritual and physical workout! Both types of fitness take discipline, consistency, and accountability. In addition to doing a physical workout each week, we'll consider what it looks like to have spiritual fitness. Practical exercises like sitting in silence, reading God’s Word, praying, fasting, etc. will be explored. 

    For: Men

    Location: SSV (Room 105)
    Contact: Mark Roberson

  • 1st & 3rd fridays at 10am :: carissa david solis & alison mittelman

    Please join us! This group is open to homeschoolers and moms with kiddos who aren’t in school yet. This will be an opportunity for moms to connect and kiddos to develop friendships. Locations will vary depending on weather, but we hope to be outside as often as possible. 

    For: Moms & Kids

    Location: Various
    Contact: Carissa David Solis or Alison Mittelman

  • 2nd & 4th fridays at 7pm :: gus solis-lara & carissa david solis

    Join us as we cultivate worshipful responses to the previous Sunday's sermon! Gather for an evening of worship, prayer, and brief discussion. Childcare not provided.

    For: Co-ed adults and older children who wish to participate

    Location: Solis Home
    Contact: Gus Solis-Lara or Carissa David Solis

  • saturdays at 7:30am :: annie wilson

    Join us for an early morning devotion, prayer, and walk! This is a great chance to connect with other ladies and share our lives. All fitness levels are welcome! 

    For: Ladies

    Location: Millennium Park in Homewood
    Contact: Annie Wilson