"Even more" building campaign

Dear Church Family, 

Here at the SSV, we often say that God has put us all on earth to make an impact – to do something significant. In fact, our purpose in life is to faithfully love God, and love others in real, practical ways.

As a church family, our collective lean toward love of God and neighbor is what keeps us on mission. Few of us can radically impact this world by ourselves. But when a church makes a decision to move in the same direction, we can make a big difference together. We want to encourage in challenge you, as a vital part of the South Suburban Vineyard family, to go ALL IN with us by investing your time, talent, and resources as we engage what’s next for our church.

We have before us a unique opportunity to steward the people who call SSV home and the resources God has entrusted to us. As we move toward adding an additional service and the renovation of our facility to accommodate growth, we invite you to consider how you can prayerfully and financially partner with us as God continues to do EVEN MORE than we can imagine.

To get an in-depth view of the "Even More" Building Campaign, click here

With much affection, 

Geno & Shannon Olison

Lead Pastors