The mission of South Suburban Vineyard Church is to be a diverse community of dedicated Jesus followers who actively extend the Kingdom of God through ministry and love so that those who don’t know Jesus will come to know Him and those who know Him will know Him more.


Thank you for being respectful of others' comfort levels and personal space! Below are a few of our safety guidelines. 

MASKS: They are optional for adults and children. 

JOIN US ONLINE: Stay home and enjoy our Sunday morning worship service at 10:30am via Facebook if you're medically vulnerable, feeling sick, or if you don't feel comfortable being in person yet.

BE MINDFUL OF OTHERS: Please maintain a reasonable physical distance between you and others while in the building. This also includes being respectful and aware of others who may have a different comfort level than you. Let kindness and grace guide your attitude and actions.

FUTURE UPDATES: If necessary, we will continue to make appropriate changes. Thank you in advance for your continued support and flexibility.

Again, we’d love to have you join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30am, either in person or via Facebook! To find out more about the SSV, click HERE.


If you have questions or would like to be added to our email list, please contact