30-Day Fast & Challenge

On Sunday, January 2nd, we will begin our church-wide 30-Day Fast. The primary goal of this fast is to cause us to identify things in our lives that compete with God for our attention and affection. When we fast, we step away from some things we really enjoy in an effort to draw closer to Jesus. Each year, many people report experiencing real life change as we engage this powerful, yet challenging, spiritual discipline together.

We’ll pair our 30-Day Fast with a 30-Day Challenge. The challenge is a press toward other spiritual disciplines (prayer, devotion, generosity, serving, fellowship and more) and greater participation with the church community (weekend services, small groups, or events, for example). Over the next few weeks, you'll hear more about the fast and the challenge. We know this will be an awesome opportunity for powerful renewal and a way to draw near to God and this church community!

Would you begin to prayerfully consider what God may be asking you to lay down during the fast?
Would you also prayerfully consider what ways you’re being invited into greater commitment

with Christ and your church family? Let’s lean in together.

To see a list of January connection opportunities, click here

To complete an online Commitment Card, click here.